About WINk Platform: Beginners Guide

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WINk is a very successful and ambitious project. If you want to know all the details we suggest reading a Whitepaper. If not going deep, WINK is a platform that hosts different games and applications. It’s like an App Store but in crypto space.

The idea of the platform is to provide an easy solution for DApp developers to integrate blockchain in their games. Now, developers don’t need to hire dedicated specialists and spend a huge amount of money for integrating and supporting all the blockchain stuff. WINk platform takes care of all blockchain-related things allowing developers to focus on polishing the main product. It’s like a bridge into the crypto space for any gaming company that wants to integrate cryptocurrency into their games.

WINk For a Player

WINK platform offers top-notch gaming experience. It offers multiple casino games and games with live dealers. WINk has already established partner relations with several e-gaming leaders. Slots that are available on LIVE platform right now are provided by the leading slots operators in the world. All the games are smooth and very enjoyable!

WINk For an Investor

Most of the games and applications have their own tokens. ALL THE TOKENS you can find on WINK give their holders regular dividends!!!

WIN Token is the core. IT CAN’T BE MINED! You can only purchase it on the crypto exchanges like Binance. It doesn’t have a dedicated game attached to it, but it receives a share from ALL the game drops on the platform. In other words, if you hold WIN you receive income from all the available games.

More about WIN Token

Other DApp tokens like RAKE, LIVE and so on can be mined while playing certain games. They also bring income to holders. For example:

  • RAKE poker DApp has its own token called RAKE and you can receive this token for playing poker. All the income of this DApp goes into independent RAKEdrops pool. Rake token holders share 50% of all the available Rake drops twice a day. 28% of all the available Rake drops go to WIN token holders.
  • LIVE gambling DApp has its own token called LIVE. You receive it for playing LIVE games like Slots, Blackjack, Roulette and so on. All the income of the LIVE DApp goes into a separate LIVEdrops pool. 50% of that pool is distributed between Live token holders twice a day, while 28% of the pool goes to WIN token holders.
  • And so on.

As you see, the WIN Token holders have a share in every DApp! Being a WIN holder is like being a shareholder of the whole App Store! You receive income from all the available games. And your income can be very huge!

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