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WIN Token is listed on multiple exchanges. Some of them are better for big investors and newcommers, others are good for staking. This page will tell you where to buy WIN token and will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of every platform.


Binance was the first exchange to list the new WIN token. The listing was a huge milestone in the history of WINk platform. Right now you can buy or sell WIN for BNB, BTC, USDT, and USDC using Binance. Current exchange rates:

WIN/USDT 0.00008550 USDT View
WIN/USDC 0.00008540 USDC View
WIN/BNB 0.00000497 BNB View


  • Enormous liquidity. #1 for a whale and for day-trading. The exchange has a lot of traders and you can buy or sell a large number of WIN without affecting the price.
  • It’s the best exchange if you are a newcomer. If you have never bought WIN before, Binance will allow you to do it without difficulties. You will be able to convert almost any cryptocurrency in BTC or USDT and make a purchase.


  • Not very convenient for staking TRX dividends. Staking will require depositing your dividends to Binance, converting TRX into BTC or USDT (because there is no WIN/TRX pair), making a purchase and withdrawing WIN back to the wallet. All these actions take time. There are much better options for staking.


TronTrade is a very convenient exchange when it comes to staking. WINk community like this exchange very much.


  • Great for staking. It allows you to login with your TronLink or GuildWallet and it has WIN/TRX trading pair! You don’t need to withdraw TRX dividends and convert TRX. Staking takes less than a minute of time! In our opinion, this is one of the best exchanges for staking WIN.


  • Lower liquidity compared to Binance. You will hardly be able to purchase a large stack of WIN without moving the price a lot. Use Binance if you are a whale.
  • Only one trading pair: WIN/TRX. You can’t trade for BTC or USDT.

The advantages and disadvantages are the same as TronTrade.

The advantages and disadvantages are the same as TronTrade. Alert: this platform usually has the lowest liquidity out of all the above exchanges. Be careful if you want to trade there.

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