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WINk (WIN) has obtained Gaming Curacao License Validation 14 august 2019, 15:51

WINk holds a sublicense with Gaming Curacao company under License no 365/JAZ Sub-License GLH-OCCHKTW0707282019 as of 31st day of July 2019. About Gaming Curacao: Curacao has long been recognized as one of the preferred locations for eGaming operators to base their operations. This success has been...

UPDATE: WIN Tokens Bets and BURN Rules 14 august 2019, 12:25

Dear WINksters, we have added the following features to the WINk platform and WIN Token: ROLL with WIN (Beta) WIN can now be used when playing DICE (does not include MOON and RING.)BURNdrops Any WIN lost through gaming goes into the BURNdrops pool.WIN in the BURNdrops pool will be burned every tw...

WINk Poker Jackpot Rules Update 05 august 2019, 15:54

Many poker players were complaining because miners were able to mine the jackpot on low limits. Developers have just made an adjustment. Mow poker jackpot payouts will be according to the blinds played.  Please refer to the below chart:

WIN Tokens Unfreezing Time Confirmed 03 august 2019, 10:36

WINk frozen on can be unfrozen beginning on Aug 2nd @ 11:59 AM EST. The unfreezing time will be set at 48 hours (i.e if you unfroze on Aug 2nd @ 11:59 AM EST, you can claim on August 4th @ 11:59 AM) Unfreezing WIN will always require 48 hours unfreeze time after Aug 4th LIVE:WIN airdrop w...

WIN token is listed on TRXMarket 02 august 2019, 13:27

TRXMarket will list a new exchange pair WIN/TRX at 7:00 (UTC) on August 2, 2019.

WIN token is listed on 02 august 2019, 13:18

WIN Token has been listed on and is available for trading. Now you can buy and sell WIN without moving TRX to Binance. You can use Trontrade exchange with TronLink wallet directly. Now it's much easier to convert your daily dividends into WIN tokens. You can find WIN/TRX trading pair h...

Post-listing AMA with WINk platform Developer SOON 02 august 2019, 12:50

SOON: First of all, I'd like to congratulate everyone here for a successful Binance and KuCoin listing.  It is really you guys who made this happen, and not us.  We supported your vision, and without your vision none of this would have been possible.  This isn't our first rodeo show, but we realized...

Binance WIN Listing Exact Date 02 august 2019, 12:42

Binance Listing (ONLY Binance and Kucoin are official exchanges that will be listing WIN).  Dear WINksters, The Binance IEO has now been completed. WINk will be listed on Binance on August 1st, 6:00 AM EST. WINk frozen on can be unfrozen beginning on Aug 2nd @ 11:59 AM EST The unfreezin...

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