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SOON: First of all, I'd like to congratulate everyone here for a successful Binance and KuCoin listing.  It is really you guys who made this happen, and not us.  We supported your vision, and without your vision, none of this would have been possible.  This isn't our first rodeo show, but we realized early on that in the crypto space the community is everything.  All of you have proven to the world just how important it is to be transparent, loyal, and what can be done when a community comes together for one common goal.

Other than being the first gaming project to IEO, I believe this is the first project in the crypto space to build a product before listing on any exchange.  This project was built by the team but only made successful because you guys stuck to it.

Therefore, the team wants to thank all of you for the support for the past 9 months.  The road will only get bumpier, but the potential is now endless.

Q: When is the 3rd announcement coming? and any clues on what it is?

A: The third announcement will be coming SOON.  I don't have an exact time for it — but we are working on it as we speak.  For sure you'll know it’s the third announcement once it’s released.

But let’s enjoy the first and second announcement while we can: )

Q: When is the sportsbook coming online?

A: It's more or less complete. Just a few more kinks we are working out.  The goal is to have out before the NFL season and the Soccer (yes yes… football) season.  So we are hoping to have out in the next couple weeks.  We also have events planned: )

Q: Has anything being done for the abuse of jackpots to stop on 1 v 1 poker tables?

A: As I mentioned before, we are taking this week to gather feedback for the Poker platform.  I know a lot of you compare it to traditional platforms like PokerStars, but we must look at the whole picture.  It is nothing like PokerStars, to begin with, because there is mining a token which has value, there are rakedrops, etc. So this is also new to us.

For the jackpot we do see a lot of people 1v1 just to try to hit the jackpot -  kind of like video poker.  But we must also understand that they are also feeding rakedrops pool.  One change that we will implement very soon is to have the amount you can win from the jackpot tiered. 

The cap for the rake, VIP, Rakeback, tournaments, Spin and go, etc. all of this will be changed and/or added.  For more information on the roadmap for poker —

Q: Sportsbook will it go 100% to Win, also advertising revenue will that go 100 % into WIN?

A: So we actually spent a lot of time thinking about how we should organize the sportsbook.  I feel that sportsbook doesn't give users the mining rush, and similar to 1v1 poker right now, some people will be able to mine at no costs.  Therefore, right now we have decided to have it go into WINdrops 100%. 

On average the house edge for Sportsbook is roughly 10% — so this will definitely help the price of WIN + Windrops.

Advertising will also all fill into WIN — but atm we have not started this.  We need to build more content, integrate more partners, increase our viewership — then advertising revenue will be added.

Binance listing already put the platform in front of millions of viewers — so I hope as a community we can welcome all the new users who know nothing about WINk or TRONbet: )

Q: You have listed a lot of the new games like Hypersnakes, when will that launch? also will that feed into another token or into one of the current 3?

A: The team is working on integrating the games as we speak.  As you can see there is a lot on our plate right now including sports, updating poker, finding new partners, more e-gaming content, and other more traditional games.  We also have to work with these developers to change some of the systems and mechanisms in the games to make it more compatible with drops etc.  I think this is where our expertise comes into play, as we have created a whole new business model where wealth is redistributed to those who support it.

Given this, some games will feed directly to WIN, some will have its own token and its own pool.  It really depends on the product and there is no set rule as to how it works because each game or DApp is different in its underlying mechanics.

One thing for sure is that no matter what, a portion of it or all of it will feed to WIN.  Therefore, holding WIN, keeping it frozen for drops over the long-term will give users a decent passive income that they can enjoy for as long as they want.

Q: Will the new partnerships allow seamless payments from fiat to crypto? and making it easier for the average person to play on WINk?

A: This is also something we are working on.  Fiat to crypto will definitely bring a whole new user base to the platform.  But once you deal with fiat there are new regulations that we have to adhere too.  We are working on getting through all of these regulations as we speak. 

Other than fiat, we will be integrating bitcoin, litecoin, and other mainstream tokens to bring in new users as well.

I'm guessing the next question will be will these feed into the div pool.

As of right now, our idea is to have all of this feed into the drops. So we must also work out a solution to support this.

Q: While we are talking about the integration of BTC, LTC, etc. Lots of questions coming in… When are you looking to integrate those into the platform? And how do we as users claims let’s say LTC dividends?

A: We are working on it — but it will take some time.  I will update everyone as the time comes closer. But I’m sure all of you will enjoy it when it does happen.

Q: When can we see WIN come on Trontrade, so we can directly buy into it, rather than sending TRX to Binance converting into BTC/USDT and then buying WIN?

A: YUP!  We just had a meeting this morning about it.  It will be available on both and trontrade — Most likely will be up and running ready to trade in the next week.

Q: What are your plans for long-term growth (marketing, user grown, etc. etc.)?

A: I think the whitepaper sums up our plans the best.  2 things that we are working on:

  1. Lowering the barrier for non-crypto users — such as fiat integration, etc. Currently, the barrier is too high for the average user, and we've been working on a solution.  But we also must understand that this requires the whole blockchain industry to grow, and this is also why I despise all these scam projects.  Trust in new technology is very important for adoption, and the more scams the less trust. 
  2. Partnerships with industry leaders — The Binance listing that the community just had, has given gaming and WINk legitimacy, and this legitimacy will allow us to build new partnerships that will also bring in a lot more users. I can't expand too much on these partnerships atm… but let’s just say… when announcement 3 happens… it'll be good.

Q: Ohhhh seems like announcement 3 will be nice and juicy :) While we are on that last question, also what is your projected users by End of year?

A: For most of you who have been here for a while, you know that I hate speculation. and this is also why WIN is so great because it’s not a token for people to speculate on.  Yes, there will be those who speculate on it, but it is also the only token that I know of on Binance, that brings true measurable value.

Given this, I don't want to speculate on users right now, but I think as long as we keep creating these new partnerships, keep building fun products, and keep listening to the community, user growth will come naturally. 

User growth also depends on each one of you, as word of mouth is the best marketing tool available.  Just to name a few… Tommy, Scott, Alexey, and many others have done great to help the platform grow.  So I’d like to thank all of you for that.

Q: Will we be doing a full UI overhaul of the wink site?

A: Yes we will! :) We are trying to build more social systems into the platform which will hopefully increase platform retention.  Also, the current color scheme and design is still TRONbet, so we will be doing an overhaul to make sure these systems are organized and user-friendly, while rebranding as WINk.

Q: Are you planning on having a get together with the team and community members in a central location?

A: I'd love too… isn't that what ANTE/WINk island is for?  I actually had some time last week and was googling how much it'd cost to rent out an island for a night.  Depending on the size we are looking at anywhere from 30k — 80k USD.

If all of you are interested in getting together and maybe meeting the team someday — we can definitely set it up.  No beer though… I can't drink beer....

Q: Thank you SOON for answering a lot of these questions and in great depth too.

A: Sounds good! Thank you all again!  Time to get back to work!

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