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Hello, my fellow WINk Warrior! My name is Ivan and I am WINk platform fan and investor. I have created this website because I believe in the long term success of this project. I want to help WINk to grow faster and I do what I can.

I want this website to become a landing for newcomers where they can find guides, the latest project news, and answers to their questions. I have been working in website development, search engine optimization, and marketing for about 8 years and my skills will definitely help the WINk community.

I have made this website alone and I continue improving it almost every day. Making all these guides and setting up infrastructure took a lot of time. The website will require even more time in the future because WINk is growing rapidly. 

Community support will allow me to invest more time into this website, making it more awesome. You can support my work by sending some TRX to my wallet. I will be able to spend more time adding new content, features and so on. You can send TRX to the following address:


Thank you all for your support!

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