WINK Platform Tokens

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WINK Platform hosts different DApps. Most of these applications and games (but not all) have their independent tokens: Poker has Rake token, table games have Live token and so on. Each DApp generates revenue and this revenue goes to separate windrop pools. DApp token holders receive 50% of this revenue every day (or twice a day, depending on token) from the corresponding pool.

Moreover, there is also a WIN token which is the main token of the platform. WIN holders receive 28 – 100% from ALL THE AVAILABLE DAPPS.

As you can see, WINk platform offers AMAZING opportunities for receiving passive income. For more details, read about the tokens you are interested in.

WIN is the main token of the platform. Holders of this token receive 28 - 100% from revenue of all the available games and applications!
You receive DICE tokens when you play Dice, Moon, Ring, and Duels on platform. These tokens allow receiving regular dividends from DICEdrops dividends pool.

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