DICE Token: Dividends Guide

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DICE tokens are an extra reward you receive for playing Dice, Moon, Ring, and Duels on WINk.org platform. These tokens allow you to receive regular dividends. Read this article till the end and you will find out how to get dice, how to freeze the tokens and what’s the best mining strategy for long term success.

When people play Dice, Moon, Ring, and Duels on Wink.org they sometimes win, sometimes lose. But eventually, the house gets profit. All the profit from these 4 games goes to DICEdrops pool. 50% of the pool is distributed between all frozen DICE Tokens every 24 hours.

DICEdrops distribution:

  • 50% - DICE Token holders
  • 35% - WIN Token Holders
  • 15% - Developers

Freezing DICE token allows you to participate in the first 50% profits pool. You will be receiving dividends once a day. The payouts are not always the same. The amounts you receive depend on the size of your frozen DICE stake, on the amount in DICEdrops pool and on the number of tokens, frozen by other people.

Wink.org isn't a scam and it doesn't rob players. There may be the days when the dividends are low. But that's good news! This means that players are winning which is very good for the long term success.

What is Freezing?

You need to “Freeze” DICE in order to start receiving the payouts. Freezing is simple: open DICEdrops window and you will see all the details there.

Pay Attention: you will receive dividends on FROZEN tokens ONLY!!! All unfrozen tokens don’t participate in the dividends distributions.

How to Get the DICE Tokens?

Right now the only way to get the tokens is to play Dice, Moon, Ring, and Duels. All these games reward you with an equal amount of DICE per TRX you bet. The amount of tokens you receive depends on the bet size: the more you wager the more tokens you get. This is also called “mining”. Read the detailed mining guide below.

Developers said that once 40% of all the available tokens are mined, DICE will be listed on a DEX like TronTrade and you will be able to buy or sell tokens there.

DICE Mining: The Details

You receive the tokens when you make bets in Dice, Moon, Ring, and Duels. The number of tokens you receive depends on the number of TRX you bet. In the beginning, the mining difficulty was 200 TRX per 1 DICE, meaning you had to wager 200TRX to receive one token. Mining difficulty grows by 4 TRX every 5,000,000 tokens mined. There are 200 mining stages in total. The mining will end after the 200th stage when one billion tokens are mined. You can see the current mining stage in DICEdrrops popup window.

Total max. supply:  1 000 000 000 (One billion). When all the tokens are mined, you will not be able to get DICE by playing the games.

Basic Mining Strategy

Some players mine Dice tokens playing Moon or Ring. But the easiest and the fastest way of mining is auto-betting over 4 or under 95 in Dice game. Auto-bet feature allows you to mine the tokens without being involved in the process.

What’s the best size of the bet? We recommend betting 5% of your bankroll or even less. That’s because lower bets allow surviving during the periods of bad luck. If you use big bets like 20% of your bankroll your account may be drained fully after only 5 losses! This will not give you too much dice… Slower mining allows receiving the average mining cost per 1 token.

Is it possible to mine Dice token in duels by playing against your own wallet? Yes, it is possible, but the commission is too high and playing duels is much slower. Moreover, you may not be fast enough and another player may join the duel you have just created and win your money. You should never play duels if your goal is mining!

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