WIN Token: Dividends guide

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WIN Token is the main token of WINK platform that gives holder regular daily dividends! You can become an investor and receive passive income just for holding. This page will tell you everything you need to know about this.

WINK platform has multiple DApp tokens like DICE, RAKE and LIVE. All of them provide holders with passive income from the corresponding game pools. But only WIN Token allows investors to receive drops from ALL the available games simultaneously!!!

Dividends Calculation and Payouts

Every application/game on the platform generates revenue. The revenue from every application goes into an independent pool. Revenue from poker goes into Rake Drops, revenue from Live games goes to Live Drops and so on. Once a day (for some applications twice a day) every pool pays out dividends. A share from every pool goes to WIN Drops and is distributed between WIN holders. Though WIN doesn’t have its own dedicated game, it participates in all other game pools and feeds from them.

WIN Token holders receive:

  • 35% of all in-house DApp drops (Dice, Moon, Ring)
  • 28% of all partner DApp drops (Live, and so on)
  • 40% of Poker drops
  • 100% of Sportsbook drops

WINk Dividends Scheme

In other words, when you hold WIN you hold a stake in ALL THE AVAILABLE games and applications. 

This is an amazing revenue share scheme! There is no other token in the world offering such a great profit potential. All you need to receive regular payouts is just purchase WIN tokens and freeze them on website. A detailed freezing guide is located below.

WIN holders receive dividends once every 24 hours. The dividends are called Windrops. The time left until the next payout can be found in Windrops popup window on the website.

The dividends are distributed between all FROZEN WIN tokens. Every token has an equal share in Windrops pool. The more WIN you freeze, the higher your stake will be.

The distribution is done by the smart contract automatically.

How to get WIN?

WIN token CAN'T be mined! You can only purchase it for cryptocurrency. It was originally listed on Binance and right now you can buy it there. It’s also listed on several other crypto exchanges like and TRX Market.

  • Binance is the most convenient option if you want to buy WIN for BNB, BTC, USDT, and USDC. We recommend visit Binance and check current trading pairs there. Binance is #1 exchange because it has enormous liquidity and you can buy millions of tokens without affecting the price too much.
  • is also good if you wish to buy tokens for TRX. But the liquidity there isn't as high as on Binance.

Anyway, we recommend compare prices and available pairs on different platforms before making a purchase. We have prepared an in-depth comparison for you. You can find it here: Buy WIN Token: Exchanges List  

Freezing Guide

After you have purchased WIN tokens you need to freeze them for receiving dividends. If you just hold them without freezing you will not get anything in return. Freezing is very easy.

Pay attention: if you have already purchased tokens on or TRX Market you need to skip the first 3 steps and start from Step 4. That's because you don't need to create a wallet and make a withdrawal. All you need is to freeze the tokens.

STEP 1: Open Google Chrome browser and install a TronLink wallet extension for the Google Chrome. This wallet is one of the best for working with website.

Download TronLink from Google

You can also use other wallets like Scatter or GuildWallet instead of TronLink if you wish. You can also Freeze WIN tokens on your smartphone using TronWallet application. The freezing process is almost the same for all the available wallets.

STEP 2: Create a new cryptocurrency wallet in TronLink extension (or in an extension of your choice). Don’t forget to write down your seed phrase and private key. Save this data in a safe place to be able to recover the wallet if something happens with your PC / Smartphone in the future.

STEP 3: Withdraw your WIN tokens from the exchange to the TRX wallet address you have just created. Attention: some people make a huge mistake and make a withdrawal to the WIN contract address! DON'T DO THIS! You must send WIN to your own wallet address!!!

STEP 4: Go to and login with your TronLink wallet.

STEP 5: Find “Windrops” in top menu, click and you will see a popup window. Find your WIN balance in “Withdrawn” field at the bottom and click “Freeze” button.

WIN Token Freezing

STEP 6: Select “All” in a popup window and confirm the transaction.

Attention: you must have 2-3 TRX on the wallet balance in order to pay commission for freezing. If you don't have the TRX you may go to TronTrade and sell some WIN there, or you may ask for 2TRX in the community chat. Maybe someone will help you.

That’s all. Now your balance should move to the “Frozen” field in Windrops popup window. You will also see the estimated amount of the next payout according to CURRENTLY accumulated dividend pools.

If you want to unfreeze the tokens, open the Windrops popup window and click “Unfreeze” button. The unfreezing will take 48 hours. After this, you can move them to a new wallet or an exchange. Don't forget that you will not be receiving any dividends during this 48-hour unfreezing period. 


Q: What’s the ROI (return on investment) of holding WIN?

A: This value changes every day depending on the WIN price, platform revenue and the number of frozen tokens. Don’t forget that the platform makes its first steps. A lot of huge news and changes are coming. You may return your investment much faster than you originally expected.

Q: What’s better: to hold WIN or to hold tokens of other DApps (Dice, Rale, Live)?

A: When you hold WIN you receive income from all the applications on the platform. But you need to purchase WIN tokens first and freeze them for receiving drops. It’s like an investment.

DApp tokens (Dice, Rake, Live and so on) can be mined by playing certain games. So you don’t buy them. It’s like a sweet bonus for playing games. They are extremely profitable to hold in the early beginning right after the game launch. That’s why when the platform launches a new DApp it has so many players. Everybody wants to get the tokens early at the lowest mining cost.

If you are long term investor, WIN is the best choice. But you may also want to hold RAKE, LIVE, and other game tokens because of large payouts in the long term. People will be playing slots and poker even after the mining is over.

Anyway, make a wise decision. Study the platform and read the Whitepaper first.

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