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Many newcomers don’t trust WINk because they have already suffered a lot from different crypto scam. But WINk is NOT A SCAM. The platform is operating since October 2018 and pays out dividends regularly! Investors receive their payouts and spend the money on new computers, cars, paying rent and so on.

We have collected feedback about the project from the most active community members. You can see this feedback here. All the people, who left their feedback, are real. You can find them in WINk community. If someone tells you that WINk is a scam, give that man a link to this page.

I have been a member of WINk platform since February 2019. At first, I was playing small and was able to mine some tokens of the project. I was holding and receiving dividends almost every day. This caught me completely… Payouts were always regular and fair. There was no cheating.

After the time had passed and I saw that everything is OK, I invested much more and now I hold WIN, DICE, LIVE, and RAKE tokens.  I am not a whale but my investment pays off. Every day I receive 1000 – 1500 TRX and compound. I believe in the long term success of the project. The only thing I regret is that I was too conservative with my original investment.

WINk has great developers team, amazing community and huge plans. They don’t just talk. They work every day to make the project bigger. They were able to grow from a small gambling website to a game hosting platform within 10 months. That's a great result. But if you think that it’s too late to join the party you are wrong. It’s just an early beginning!

Ivan, Developer and admin of this website

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